A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories


“A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories” is a 235-page collection of short stories and one full length story. The board theme is of dreaming and searching. Each character is looking for meaning beyond the everyday. This book includes the following short stories: “A Night at the Sorrento,” “Bear Karma,” “Kill the Witch,” “The Dog Who Would Be King.” This book also features the long story, “Alice in New York.”

These works are in the comics medium. Henry Chamberlain is the sole creator. He both wrote and drew all the contents in this book. These are stories with a gritty and quirky texture. They will appeal to all ages. This work has an offbeat vision running throughout. For instance, if you are a fan of the original television series, “The Twilight Zone,” this will be something you’ll like. This book is presented to readers by Comics Grinder Press. This book originates in Seattle, Washington. And 2014 is its year of publication.

If you are a fan of independent art, particularly alternative comics, then this book is for you. Henry Chamberlain is a longtime cartoonist from the Seattle scene. He has created numerous works in comics and regularly writes about the comics medium. You can visit him at his website, http://www.comicsgrinder.com/.



Henry Chamberlain


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