Accessories by House of Darkly

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With more numerous and visible women in the geek community than ever, geek ladies are looking for ways to make their fashions reflect their identity. So House of Darkly branched out in to jewelry and other accessories, designed to evoke and express geeky passions in a way that fits organically into fashion statements not just at conventions, but suitable for everyday life with “normal people”. By striving to forge its own iconic designs, customers can make a bold geek statement in a language that everyone can appreciate. Whether playful and minimalistic with acrylic or sparkly and feminine with glass and Swarovski crystal, everyone deserves affordable pieces they can coordinate with their own unique style. Every piece is designed and assembled by the artist, including graphic design for packaging, and can be customized to suit customers’ special needs. You may have seen House of Darkly jewelry featured on major blogs, on display at the booth at various pop culture conventions, or even in the personal collections of several popular vloggers.



Designer/Artist: Anne Kirn


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