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Agents of Geek is an up and coming entertainment website meant to highlight everything great with Geek Culture.

At the expense of our own day jobs, we at AoG work tirelessly everyday to bring you the latest and greatest in TV, movies, video games, and even the occasional star wars parody acted out by kittens. We will even take a bullet for you in reviewing certain movies and new TV shows, and then report back to say whether or not you should bother watching it too. Missed last week’s exciting news? No problem! We have a guy doing video news roundups every week to keep you in the know! How thoughtful.

AoG is also a (relatively) safe place for our writers to vent or “geek the frak out” about something they love in thoughtful and fun editorials. What? You feel the same way about this thing too? Quick! We must wax our brains intellectually and discuss in depth why we love this thing!

Not only do we cover news and reviews, we interview famous folks too. Our most notable interviews to date are with Jessica Chobot of G4TV and Nerdist News, Matt Nable (RIDDICK), Steve Lund (BITTEN), H. Jon Benjamin (ARCHER), Billy Bob Thornton, and Martin Freeman.

We believe that everyone is a geek at heart. We all “geek out” about our favorite movies, television shows, comic books or video games. AoG gives passionate fans everywhere the chance to celebrate their geekiness online. Our motto – You Have The Right To Remain Geeky!



  • Founder and Managing Editor: Jim Napier
  • Editor in Chief: Christina Janke
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  • Video Editor: Mike Sangregorio
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