Airship Daedalus Radio Adventures


The Airship Daedalus Radio Adventures are four half-hour audio dramas based on the vintage pulp webcomic by Todd Downing and Brian Beardsley, and produced to sound as if they came off the wire recordings of the 1930s – in monophonic sound with extra crackle! Each episode is sponsored by the fictional Gold Star company, manufacturers of everything from industrial cleansers to personal grooming products, and boasts a who’s who of Seattle voice talent. As part of the larger Airship Daedalus IP, the Radio Adventures take the listener back to a time of two-fisted pulp adventure and the theater-of-the-mind that was radio.



  • Writer-Producer: Todd Downing
  • Director: Scott C. Brown
  • Audio Engineer: Andy Dopieralski
  • Original Music: Catherine Grealish
  • Solo Trumpet: Samantha Bosnack
  • Jack McGraw: Matt Shimkus
  • Doc Starr: Angela DiMarco
  • Maria Blutig, Various: Caerley Hill
  • Captain Ecke, Various: Luke Amundson
  • Rivets, Various: Scott C. Brown
  • Duke, Oba, Various: David S. Hogan
  • Deadeye, Louis, Various: Conner Marx
  • Announcer, Stede Bonnet, Aleister Crowley, Various: Brian Lewis
  • Alanna, Various: Trish Loyd
  • Thomas Edison, Various: Dan Heinrich
  • Narrator, Various: Todd Downing


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