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Populated by people and groups of vastly different interests, obsessions, talents, and appetites, we in the geek world sometimes feel like we’re speaking out own language. At All Geek to Me, we do our best to speak yours.

The editorial team at AGtM works tirelessly, bringing you the latest in geek news, reviews, and event coverage. Whether it’s keeping you up to date on what’s happening with This Week in Geek, helping you plan your week with The Checklist, or giving you a new or different look at your favorite fandoms and the biggest issues through editorials, we do what we can to make sure there’s always something to talk about.

We’re dedicated to highlighting some of the most impressive, interesting, and groundbreaking work from across the geek world, and bringing it to you through in-depth interviews and profiles.

We believe that if we can help you find something new to enjoy, provide you with a different point of view, or just give you a place to work out your nerd rage or excitement over the newest announcements, then we have done our jobs.



  • Editor-in-Chief: Tricia Ennis
  • Associate Editor: Kait Calabro
  • Associate Editor: Monica Piluso
  • Contributor: David LaBerge
  • Contributor: Lynn Sacerdote
  • Contributor: Johnathan Eustice
  • Contributor: Faridah Gbadamosi
  • Contributor: Katie Bienvenue
  • Graphic Designer: Eric Trieu


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