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My name is Anastasia Catris and I am a freelance illustrator and writer. I work primarily in traditional pen and ink, with digital colour and create everything from sketch cards to comics, tee shirts to posters.

After graduating from Royal Holloway University of London in 2008, I moved to the United States where I was lucky enough to study at the prestigious Kubert School of Comic Art. Since returning to the UK I have worked consistently as a freelance artist and writer for several international companies including DC, IDW, Dynamite, Kerrang! HarperCollins and Orion Publishing. My debut illustrated book ‘SuBo’s Cat: The Imaginings of Susan Boyle’s Pampered Pussy’ was distributed worldwide and was both written and illustrated by myself.

As well as working on comic book projects, book illustration and ‘fan art’, I am most well known for my sketch card and ACEO work and have just completed work on DC’s ‘Super Villains’ Trading Card Set as a featured artist. I have also recently signed with Upper Deck to work on their upcoming ‘Firefly’ Sketch Card set. Other official characters I have worked on in the past are Red Sonja, Vampirella, Dejah Thoris, Harley Quinn and the Ghostbusters.

I have been attending conventions all over the UK since 2011 where I distribute my artwork, prints and commissions as well as leading workshops, panels and lectures on Successful Crowd Funding. I have also provided artwork for several companies for distribution at conventions including Cygnus Alpha (a UK based Doctor Who Fanzine) and Riot Games (famous for League of Legends).

I will be premiering my creator owned content ‘Cirque Du Mort’, a horror anthology set in a haunted circus, in 2015. After having run a successful Kickstarter (fully funded in less than 2 days) for its production late last year, this has become a highly anticipated book and I am very excited to finally be creating my own characters, of whom there is already fan art being created.

Besides my life as a freelance illustrator and writer I am an avid consumer of all things Geek Culture. I attend LAN parties including Multiplay Insomnia, on a regular basis, and most of my personal work is inspired by video games, sci fi and comic books.



  • ‘DC Comics Super Villains’ – Published by Cryptozoic, Release Date TBC
  • ‘Working Girls Throughout the Ages’ – Published by Chadpops Entertainment, Release Date TBC
  • ‘Classic Fairy Tales’ – Published by Perna Studios in April 2015
  • ‘Kringle Kards’ Sketch Cards – Published by Breygent in December 2014
  • ‘Hallowe’en’ Sketch Cards – Published by Perna Studios in October 2014
  • ‘Women of Dynamite’ Sketch Cards – Published by Breygent in association with Dynamite Entertainment in July 2014
  • ‘ReCollection Magazine’ Sketch Cards – Published by ReCollection Magazine in May 2014
  • ‘Dead Divas’ Sketch Cards – Published by Unstoppable Cards in March 2014
  • ‘Foo Spoilers’  Comic Strip – Published by Kerrang! Magazine Feb 22 2014
  • ‘Beyond Stoker’s Dracula’ Sketch Cards – Published by Cult-Stuff Media in 2013
  • ‘Insectae’ Sketch Cards – Published by Viceroy in 2013
  • ‘The Deep’ Sketch Cards – Published by Viceroy in 2013
  • ‘The 12 Doctors of Christmas’ The Stocking Killers – Written by Simon Brett and Illustrated by Anastasia Catris – Published by Cygnus Alpha, The Doctor Who Fanzine, 2013
  • ‘A Puppet Christmas Carol’ – Adapted by Peter Snee and Illustrated by Anastasia Catris – Published by Theatre Giant, 2012
  • SuBo’s Cat: The Imaginings of Susan Boyle’s Pampered Pussy – Written and Illustrated by Anastasia Catris – Published by HarperCollins PLC UK 2010


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