Axanar Podcast #22: The Geekiest Year Ever

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The Axanar podcast is the only podcast dedicated to independent Star Trek filmmaking. Hosted by “Free Enterprise” writer and director Robert Meyer Burnett and Axanar creator Alec Peters, the Axanar podcast interviews every week, and takes listeners deep into the world of Axanar.

Axanar Podcast #22 may well be the best podcast yet, as it is all about being a geek! The Director’s Roundtable features hosts Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters with Axanar director Christian Gossett and Blu-ray producer extraordinaire Charles de Lauzirika.

You will definitely enjoy this one! Here are the details:

Axanar Podcast #22: The Geekiest Year Ever
Axanar Directors Roundtable: Part 2.

From script to screen, making an independent film is an intricate process involving many hats—both creative and administrative. In this episode of the official Axanar podcast, we conclude our two-part roundtable with Robert Meyer Burnett, Alec Peters, Christian Gossett and Charles de Lauzirika. This time they discuss their work beyond Star Trek, their journey from childhood fan to pro, how they retain that sense of wonder, and more.

In our news segment, we get an update on construction in Ares Studios, the status of the Axanar script (it’s locked!), the next Kickstarter, and plans for WonderCon.

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  • Hosts: Robert Meyer Burnett, Alec Peters and Christopher Jones
  • Guests: Christian Gossett and Charles de Lauzirika
  • Producer: Christopher Jones
  • Associate Producer: Norman C. Lao
  • Production Manager: Richard Marquez
  • Content Coordinator: Will Nguyen


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