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Inspired by the challenge and journey of bringing life to the mundane and mechanical, Axle is a mobile platformer where you play as a exuberant little gear named Axle who maneuvers through various contraptions, charging them up and restoring the spark of their functionality. The game features a hand-painted art style and an original electro-swing soundtrack to establish a unique and vibrant world; Axle’s adventure spans multiple locations including a toy shop, an estate, and a factory, seamlessly fusing traditional platforming gameplay with innovative, crafted controls. Axle is an exciting clockwork adventure for all ages.



  • Designer: Liz Fiacco
  • Producer: Lauren Gragg
  • Art Director: Jessica Kernan
  • Programmer: Alex Solano
  • Programmer: Bryson Thill
  • Composer: Adam Borecki
  • Sound Designer: Billy Peake


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