Bravura Burst: The Roll-Playing Game

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On the mythical world of Uniflora there is a prosperous land called Kingdonia that has been protected by the 5 Astral Crystals for centuries. The benevolent king of Kingdonia knows that this golden age will not last much longer, for prophecies have foretold of the time when an ancient evil will reawaken and shatter the 5 Astral Crystals.

Not wanting to spread fear among his people, but still knowing that he must find the Four Legendary Heroes quickly, the king creates the Bravura Burst, a contest meant to find the best and bravest. News of this contest is spread far and wide in Kingdonia and heroes from all the land show up with the hope of proving themselves to their king, never knowing the contest’s true purpose.

Bring your party of four heroes, have them tested to see what jobs suit them best, then take on the Bravura Burst and try to get the best score possible by fighting monsters and surviving traps in the Contest Dungeon.


A simple and quick game of dice rolling set in a fictional Japanese role-playing game called Bravura Burst. The game is played with two sets of unique six-sided dice. The first set of five dice have six different role-playing attributes on them such as strength or charisma. The other set of dice represent the six different types of jobs the heroes in your party can have based on the attributes they rolled. There are also Fool dice for characters that could not get a job.

On the first four turns, players will roll the five attribute dice up to 3 times in an attempt to give one of their four heroes a job (such as rolling at least three strength to create a Barbarian, or two intelligence and two charisma to create a Summoner). Among the six available job dice there are 24 unique jobs (and one more for the unique Fool Die) to play with.

Once everyone has rolled up their individual parties of four, they have a competition against a deck of cards that represents monsters and traps in a dungeon. They do this by drawing the top card of the dungeon deck and rolling the dice representing their party up to three times against the numbers and tricks on the card. The player is trying to roll enough damage to defeat the monster and enough blocking or healing to stop as much damage as possible. Traps works slightly differently with the party trying to disarm them with either job dice that can do so, or by trying to roll various specific combinations of attribute Dice to manually disarm them. Once they make their final roll for the turn they add up the numbers and see what they scored.

The competition is score based with a very simple system. Players gain 1 point for killing monsters and disarming traps, and another point if they can end the turn having blocked or healed all the damage that monster or trap just did. If a player can both defeat a card and block or heal all the damage in the same turn they gain 3 points instead.

25 job classes, 24 monster cards, and 10 trap cards bring a lot of adventure to the table!



  • Game Designer / Artist: Jef Honor
  • Artist: Kari Schultz


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