Brielle and the Horror The Graphic Novel Trailer


This is the LIVE-ACTION trailer for the award winning graphic novel, Brielle and the Horror, directed by the writer and artist of the graphic novel, Jared Barel.

Written by the Barel Brothers with artwork by Jared Barel, BRIELLE AND THE HORROR is the horror-action-mystery story of Brielle Hicks, a sixteen-year-old who was born possessed by an evil demon. Now, as she matures into adulthood, the beast inside of her is clawing its way to the surface. With a secret agency after her and a group of fanatical priests on her tail, can Brielle learn to control The Horror inside of her and arise a new kind of hero before it unleashes Armageddon?



  • Director, Artist, Writer, Producer: Jared Barel
  • Writer, Producer: Jordan Barel


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