Button Masher


Focus. Speed. Strategy. Memory. Dexterity. These are the integral parts to playing Button Masher. Single player mode allows you to hone these skills, pushing you right to your edge. No matter your level you will always be one step away from losing or being at the top of your game. There is a constant balance needed, a push and pull, to be able to stay in your zone. One step too far or too short will end up throwing you off, but if you manage to correct yourself in time you are able to come back. The multiplayer mode uses the same skills as the single player mode, but combines them in a different way to create a new style of gameplay.

Button Masher can be played by anyone at anytime, anywhere, in virtually anyway. No matter where you play it, the game will always give you something different.

The game mechanics are very simple to understand and relatively simple to master, but when played strategically the possibilities are endless. The play in this game doesn’t stop until there is a true winner, requiring players to continuously stay at the top of their game. If there is a slight physical or mental slip, the other player gains the final advantage. The game has no set limit on how fast you can play it or how skillful you can get. Two extremely good players who are evenly matched could play the game forever, but in the end it will come down to who is able to stay at the top of their game for the longest. Like a basketball player at the free-throw line in overtime, everything falls away and it is just you and the game.

In addition to strategy, another layer of complexity is added by the art style of the game, which was specifically designed to increase the difficulty in recognizing the characters.


  • Creator: Franz Michael Ressel


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