Captain Canuck Animated Web Series


When Canuck and Redcoat foil a deadly terrorist attack in Ottawa, it leads them on a journey of unspeakable danger. They must face off against the cunning Blue fox, the diabolical madman Mr. Gold and his army of goons. All that hangs in the balance is the future of the free world. Not a big deal. Duty calls! Just another day in the life of Captain Canuck and the Equilibrium!


  • Producer: Fadi Hakim
  • Director: Sam Chou
  • Producer: Mike Valiquette
  • Writing: Richard Comely
  • Writing: Paul Gardner
  • Captain Canuck: Kris Holden-Ried
  • Redcoat: Tatiana Maslany
  • Mister Gold: Paul Amos
  • Blue Fox: Laura Vandervoort
  • Professor Walker: Thomas Craig
  • Ajay Fry: Himself
  • Animator: Al Jerek Torrijas
  • Animator: Nathan Dewey


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