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The Monsterjunkies An American Family Odyssey

Crow Monsterjunkie is a quiet, overweight Goth teen whose looks keep people at bay and make him a target at …


Batgirl Rises

Posted In Short Films

Synopsis: A young determined librarian desperately seeks the truth, after her brothers disappearance, with a mysterious woman.
About the Production: From …


The Weaponographist

The Weaponographist is a high-speed, top-down dungeon-crawling arena combat game. Cool kids might call it a “Roguelike”.
You play as Doug …


Hass #1

QUICK SYNOPSIS: A “Romeo & Juliet” style story takes a horrific turn when a sadistic group of Neo Nazis brutalize …


Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Posted In Music Videos

A country music cover of the Pokemon theme song, depicted by a bounty hunter attending a “Pokemon Catcher’s Anonymous” meeting.


R.U.R.: Genesis

A sexy, retro-futuristic take on the classic Karel Capek tale, starring Chase Masterson, Kipleigh Brown, and Vic Mignogna. Set in …


Your Friend Elle

Posted In Websites & Blog

My site is designed as a letter to a friend, hence Your Friend, Elle. Covering everything from film, tv, fashion, …


The Batcave Podcast

Posted In Podcasts

The Batcave Podcast takes an in depth look at each and every episode of the 1966 Batman television series, starring …


Alienfirst Arts

Posted In Art

Amanda Lien, better known online as Alienfirst, is an illustrator with an admiration for strange beasts, aliens, and weird and …