Change the World: An X-Men Days of Future Past Fan-Made Music Video


The comic book, 90’s cartoon, and the films all collide in this music video based on the X-Men Days of Future Past storyline. Bishop travels to the past in an attempt to stop an apocalyptic future from occurring, while Kitty Pryde struggles to survive in an alternate timeline also cursed with a horrible future. After coming across the likes of Gambit, Wolverine, and others, Bishop and Kitty struggle to make a difference that counts, and at the same time, hopefully Change the World.

A group of friends from Baton Rouge, La. decided to work together to tell the iconic Days of Future Past storyline (from both comic and cartoon versions) in a way that hadn’t been seen before. A hip-hop music video. Not just a song and video about the stories, but a song and video that take place within the story, from the characters’ perspectives, and through their own words. The video incorporates elements from the popular 90’s cartoon, recreates pages from the iconic graphic novel, as well as references the successful film franchise. The video had no budget, just some equipment, and a group of talented friends.




  • Created by: Jesse Seidule

  • Director: Jesse Seidule

  • Producers: Jesse Seidule, Trey Harris, Tim Bridgewater
  • Song written by Jesse Seidule, Performed by Tim Bridgewater and Melissa Seidule
  • Bishop: Tim Bridgewater
  • Kitty Pryde: Melissa Seidule
  • Wolverine: Trey Harris
  • Big Alex: Daniel Dobson
  • Gambit: Eric Meliet
  • Senator Kelly: Sam Cobean


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