Character Letters That Come To Life by Gunner’s Nook

Posted In Art

How amazing would it be to have your name or your child’s name transformed into your favorite GEEKIE characters? Enter Gunner’s Nook! HI! My name is Ashlee; I am the artist and owner of Gunner’s Nook. A stay at home mom with creativity just oozing from her pores. I take plain & simple letters and turn them into remarkable characters. The possibilities are ENDLESS! My business idea started with my son, Gunner’s first birthday and a need for unique party décor. I can’t buy things I know I can make myself. I found these plain paper mache letters at the local craft store and decided to hand paint them to resemble the characters from his party theme. They were a huge hit and the requests started coming in from friends and family. I knew then Etsy would be the perfect opportunity for me to be that stay at home mom I always wanted and also help support my family. My shop has been doing amazing since I opened in April of 2013. As my business grew, so did the variety of themes and characters I have done. From your standard geek themes like Star Wars, Superheroes, and Doctor Who to themes like Mickey Mouse, Dr. Seuss and Princesses. You can be a geek for anything I think! The finished product is one of a kind because it’s your name with your favorite characters. Check out all the awesome themes I’ve done on Facebook. You can also browse my shop on Etsy!



  • Owner & Artist: Ashlee Jackimowicz
  • Photographer: Courtney Crowler