Chimerical Dragonfly

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I’m a geek girl and an artisan who loves to create costumes and accessories for every occasion.
Some of my costumes participated in Cosplay Parade, Gothic Festival, Larp event, and many more!
Actually, I use many techniques and materials in my creations, from fabrics to leather, up to plastazote (a type of foam), latex, resin, and lately, since it is in great demand in the cosplay world, worbla.
For latex details, I create the molds that I can need carving them with clay and then creating a negative mold.
Working according to the strict security standards of European LARPs taught me that a cloth or an armor should not be only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable to be worn several hours consecutively and undoubtedly resistant.
Plastazote is a soft foam that is used for LARP weapons and armors. It is carved by hand, using knives, box cutters, or small drills and then it is covered with 8-10 layers of color and latex. However, latex is a glue and consequently the whole item must then be coated with a special paint, which render the object not sticky and shiny.
Today my Etsy store includes more than one hundred items but I am always available to create custom items and the weirder, the better!
I really enjoy try to create different things


  • Photographer and Promoter: Kristina Chierici


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