Chronicles of Syntax

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Somewhere with the Earth’s population is a selection of people, each one of them unique, holding traces of information locked deep within their DNA. They do not know who they are, or what latent powers they possess. They have, however, been chosen to make a difference in a war that will see the forces of good and evil battle for their allegiance.

Set in present day Britain, season one of “Chronicles of Syntax” revolves around Sian, one such individual, and her work for the Fallen Angel Network (F.A.N.), a secret government facility charged with finding a way to stop the oncoming apocalypse.

Sian is tasked with the burden of finding the right people for her team, but they do not remember ever being chosen and making allies in a world where good and evil are not so easily told apart can have fatal consequences. Only when she gathers all the members of her team can she access memories sent back through time to save the future. With the countdown to the end of the world underway, the team must unite to have any hope of avoiding it and survive an enemy hell-bent on stopping them.



  • Creator/Writer/Producer: Susan E. Clarke
  • Producer: April Kelley
  • Director/Editor: Chris Munns
  • Director/Editor/Cinematographer: Adam Kes Hipkin
  • Director/Editor/Cinematographer: Dan Patrick Hipkin
  • Director/Editor/Cinematographer: Jack Ayers
  • Director/Editor: James Webber
  • Visual Effects: Gary Mellor
  • Composer: Dan Bewick
  • Composer: Andrew Barnabas
  • Composer: Paul Arnold
  • Costume: Heather Bradley
  • Production Design: Joshua Michaelson
  • Art Direction: David Kemp
  • Fight Coordinator: Ronin Traynor
  • “Sian Lovat”: Laura O’Donoughue
  • “Steven Bramwell”: Daniel Tyler-Smith
  • “Kairan Fisher”: Liam Dryden


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