Chronointel: Messages from the Future


A mysterious young man shows up at Steve’s doorstep, with a message that could change the future. Chronointel is a unique take on the time travel genre.

Brandon is a brilliant young physicist who develops a technique for sending pulses of light through space-time. Instead of building the transmitter, he first builds the receiver that catches the light pulses and converts them into data.

Five minutes after turning it on for the first time, pulses of light begin to come from nowhere and fire into the receiver. Once the computer decodes the first messages, he realizes that it’s from himself, from the future.

Chronointel: Messages from the Future is a time-travel tale without any time-travel.



  • Writer: Jason Beckwith
  • Pencils and Inks: Niño Harn Cajayon
  • Colors: Gonzalo Duarte


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