ChupaComics Presents: Double Barrel – The Man in the Mist


DOUBLE BARREL is Colt Buckshot & Jackson Dupagne, two star-crossed stoners who must somehow prevent the FALL OF HUMANITY! Issue 5 brings the reader further into the trip that Lo Hung’s mushrooms have sent our heroes on in an attempt to learn the malleable nature of fate.

while out chasing skirt and dipping their bills, our heroes’ mushroom’d Noir romp traverses the gap into the sober world. Colt and Jackson’s mysterious butter and egg man agrees to a meet. what kind of ancient pervert by proxy could stack so much cabbage and have the dankest sticks of tea? what could a vivacious canary like Vivian see in such a man?

All that and more in issue #5 of ChupaComics Presents: Double Barrel.



  • Writer: Patrick Self
  • Artist: Tim Larsen


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