“CLOAK” – After stumbling upon an age old secret, two awkward teen techies strive to uncover the truth that our world is merely a cosmic experiment puppeteered by an ominous force that will stop at nothing to silence the believers.

Sam and Vivek are two high school sci-nerds, trying to make it through the daily grind of teenage life, and curious about the mysteries of the universe. One night they witness a distant constellation ‘shut off’ and come back on as if the entire universe is one giant hologram. Turns out it might very well be. Thrust into a secret battle raging thousands of years, between rogue scientists and the ‘Curators’; those dedicated to covering up the secret, Sam and Vivek must get to the bottom of this dark secret if they hope to save our race from certain destruction.



  • Producer / Director / Creator – Daniel Oron
  • Producer / Co Creator – Geoff Bland


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