Cold Lipstick’s Garden by Emily McKay

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At Cold Lipstick’s Garden (CLG), I am constantly evolving my style; I love to work with bright, eye-catching colours – especially for my statement pieces! I am usually inspired by the character I am working with, trying to invoke the very personality of the character or the feel of the game/TV show etc. My main products are – Statement or “chunky” necklaces, fandom inspired bracelets and hair accessories.

Due to the range of products I lovingly handcraft my materials run the gauntlet from eco-friendly felt (made with recycled plastic bottles), various styles and forms of beads, to vintage action figures and the weaponry they come with. My personal favorite items to work with are rhinestone pendants (some of which I have even assisted in designing – I am currently working on a line of Sailor Moon inspired items with custom designed pendants by myself.) and the vintage to current figurines and action figures. I feel it is important to support small businesses when I can, and buy all my clay figures from amazingly talented artists in the USA and Canada. One of my goals currently is to obtain use of a 3D printer so I may truly create custom pendants and figures for my necklaces.

When it comes to my embroidered items many are designs made by small businesses that have lovingly perfected the digital file, but I have recently expanded my portfolio to include designs I myself have created. It has become a point of pride that some of my items are 100% in house created.

Safety is a major concern for me, as some of my customers are children. I create my necklaces to be durable enough for every day possibly rough wear but in case of an accident, they are designed to break rather than hurt the wearer. My philosophy revolves around “If it isn’t okay for my child or I to wear – it isn’t okay for anyone else.”



  • Owner/Creator – Emily McKay


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