Comics Squee


Panel podcast of comic book geekery! A new guest each issue! Hear women and men talk about the comics, manga, & graphic novels they love.

The Comics Squee podcast is an audio show-and-tell. Each issue 3 panelists and 1 guest discuss the sequential art we really love; old and new, domestic and foreign. Everyone picks their own topic to squee about, be it a book, movie, webcomic, creator, event, anime, etc. We take turns squeeing about our topics and then dialoging with the panel about them. At the end of each show our host poses a vaguely thematic question to the panel, inviting listeners to play along at home. And we discuss what comic geekery we’re looking forward to next.

Our guests so far this year have been: Katie Cook, JM Perkins, Alex de Campi, Jonathan Maberry, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Leia Weathington, and Paul Cornell (airs April 26).

Comics Squee comes out twice a month and is available online as well as in iTunes, Stitcher, and Miro.



  • Producer and Editor: Chriss Cornish
  • Host: Chriss Cornish
  • Squee-ster 1: April Taie
  • Squee-ster 2: John W Oliver


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