ConciergeQ’s URHere Festival and Event Coverage


ConciergeQ Host Stephanie Morgan shares URHere Coverage from 2014 Moogfest in Asheville, North Carolina. Featured interviews (in order of appearance): Festival Organizers-Melissa Porter and Ben Butler, and Mike Adams-President and CEO of Moog Music Inc.

Moogfest is a 5-Day fest dedicated to the synthesis of technology, art and music. With an experimental line up of daytime conference programming and landmark nightly performances, this is no ordinary music festival. The festival honors the inventiveness of Bob Moog and the legacy of the analog synth.

ConciergeQ’s URHere Festival and Event Coverage transports the audience directly to all the excitement, while elevating the complete event experience with attendees, participants and key festival sponsors. URHere on the ground media/video coverage includes: red carpets, parties, green room or studio interviews, as well as overviews of entire events.



  • Producer: Lynn Pattnosh
  • Producer: William Pattnosh
  • Director: Bob Peck
  • Director: John Plummer
  • Host: Stephanie Morgan


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