Cosplay – A Happy Parody

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D-Piddy has a huge love for funky, upbeat positive music, and what better way to express it that with one of his favorite songs of 2013, coupled with one of his most favoritest hobbies ever: cosplay! Gathering tons of talented cosplayers from all over the United States (as well as several cosplayers from other countries like Japan, UK and Indonesia), D-Piddy was able to make a fun love-letter to many geeks’ favorite form of expressing their fandom.



  • Director, Editor, Producer & Lyrics: D-Piddy

  • Vocals: Charmie Sweets (Sara Cocanour)

  • Music: John Omar

  • Main Camera Work: Chilly Willy (William Kim)

  • Additional Camera Work: Adam Patrick Murray, Alify Adnin, Christian Wright, Lily Anderson, Romeo Sarmenta

  • Original Lyrics & Composition: Pharrell for “Happy”

  • Special Thank You: J☆RYU, Proverse


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