Cosplayer Nation: A Cosplay Documentary


Cosplayer Nation is a documentary about cosplay. Yet how did the word originate? What exploded this culture? Is it getting ridiculed? See for yourself in the first 15 minutes covering its history in America with many stories and many personalities. Cosplayer Nation is honored to present this for Geekie Awards 2015.



  • Directors: Joshua Adams & U.K. Li
  • Producers: Joshua Adams & U.K. Li
  • Writers: Joshua Adams & U.K. Li
  • Editor: U.K. Li
  • Music by: LeetStreet Boys, Ulises Pineda, Songhammer, Otto Kinzel, Kristen Cooper, and Jes Won aka Jes1
  • Animated Logo: John Chea
  • Advisor: Jeremy Lacey


Featuring words from:

  • Dee Bradley Baker (Voice Actor)
  • Ashley Eckstein (Voice Actor)
  • Christopher Smith (Voice Actor)
  • Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
  • Susan Napier (Author / Professor)
  • Tanya Tate (Actress)


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