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A quiet night at the library turns deadly when a librarian accidentally unleashes demonic forces from a strange book.

Ashley (Misty Oakes) is in a relationship with Todd (Brodie Dransutavicius), an abusive masochist. Her personal demons become literal when she summons LEGION (Angela Johnston). Trapped in a library, Ashley must now team up with love sick Scott (Toddske) to put what’s been summoned behind its COVER.

The creative team behind ARKHAM RISING delves into the Horror Genre with COVER, a short horror film that combines seminal concepts from classic 80’s horror movies, to pay homage to the masters of horror that have shaped a generation of film makers.



  • Director & Writer: Tito Guillen
  • Producer: Toddske
  • Starring: Misty Oakes
  • Starring: Brodie Dransutavicius
  • Starring: Angela Johnson
  • Starring: Steve Reeve
  • Starring: Toddske
  • Make-Up & Special Effects Make-Up: Ashley Laurenson
  • Make-Up & Special Effects Make-Up: Angela Johnson
  • Sound Editor: Ian Armstrong
  • Visual Effects: Richard Baldonado
  • Music: Jerel Northern


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