Cowl Girl


Cowl Girl always wears a Batman cowl, masking herself from the outside world. Will her friend, Jason and the intriguing nephew of her arch-enemy, Alex be able to get her to break out of her shell? If you like 80’s pop culture, Pee-wee Herman, sci-fi and comic book heroes, then this is the show for you! This is a love letter to kids who grew up in the 80’s and remember what real cartoons, music, and super heroes were like back in the day. Cowl Girl is based on the stage play by Anna Capunay, an amazing writer and fan girl in her own right.


  • Co-Writer/Director/EP Carlo Lorenzo Garcia
  • Writer/EP Anna Capunay
  • Co-Director Aric Jackson
  • Director of Photography Christopher Vinopal
  • Executive Producter/Cowl Girl Yunuen Pardo


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