Crazy Belts

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Crazy Belts is a brand new arcade/puzzle game for your mobile and desktop computer.

The game original concept comes from the roots of the old-good 8-bit days. You are the cargo guy in airports across the world, in charge of handling bags and luggage pieces. Happy holidays of millions of people are at your fingertips.

Control the moving parts of the cargo facility and handle the bags to their right destination. Keep special care on VIP bags, bio-hazardous luggage contents and other pieces moved across the globe.

Play across +50 levels in +5 countries with increasingly complex cargo facilities full of crazy conveyor belts and moving parts.

Crazy Belts: Handle bags and make the World a better place.



  • Lead Developer: Sergio Escanciano
  • Game Designers: José Antonio Perales, Tomás Vinuesa
  • Graphic Designer: Eloy Aranda, Joan Llopis, Carlos Díaz
  • Marketing & PR: Mariela González
  • Sound FX and Composer: Kári Sigurdsson


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