Croissant Man


Croissant Man is an existential web series about a depressed Croissant searching for the meaning of Pastry life.

In Season one Croissant wallows in his meaningless existence until a beautiful vision convinces him to change his path. He embarks on a crusade to protect the upper crust foods of the Boulangerie from the scum of the Junk Food Slums. But when he searches for a donut assailant he uncovers a deep social unrest between the two food worlds, and a deeper unrest within himself. Relationships are torn APART, revolutions are STIRRED and peanuts are ASSAULTED.


  • Creator/Writer/Director: Tulica Singh
  • Puppet and Set Design: Anni Nugent
  • Puppet Design: Lauren Sassen
  • Puppet Design: Michelle Zamora
  • Cinematographer: Matthew Halla
  • Cinematographer: Alexis Ryan Britt
  • Cinematographer: Bryan Mendoza
  • Cinematographer: Eddie Kim
  • Cinematographer: Jon Speyers
  • Cinematographer: Auden Bui
  • Producer: Terence Deutsch
  • Producer: Christina Jobe
  • Producer: Idel Judanin
  • Editor: Tulica Singh
  • Sound Recording and Design: Terence Deutsch
  • Original Score: Sebastian Örnemark
  • Original Music: Sam Ziaie
  • Featuring Music: Blackbird Blackbird
  • Featuring Music: Rahill Jamalifard
  • Colorist: Samuel Price


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