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Crokinole combines the best elements of shuffleboard, marbles and curling, which results in an action-packed game of pure awesome sauce. Players take turns flicking pucks to score points or knock their opponent’s pucks off the board. Anyone who has played the game of Crokinole knows that it’s amazasaurus rex.

Croq takes all of the finger-flicking fun of Crokinole and puts it right into your pocket. Compete against four dazzling AI difficulties or up to three swell friends across five fantastic boards. The gameplay will make you feel like you’re playing a real-life game of Crokinole, without the hassle of carrying a Crokinole board around. The looks of intrigue you would normally get for breaking out a board will be replaced by looks of wonderment at the game you’re playing on your device.

Crokinole has never been more exciting. Never again be sad that you forgot your Crokinole board or pucks at home. Get Croq and you will always be prepared to impress your friends (or strangers) with your Crokinole skills. It’s always Croq-o-clock, no matter what time of day it is.



  • John Hawkins
  • Peter Janaros
  • Mondul Kao
  • Chad Clikeman
  • Dakota LaMaster


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