Crowman & Wolfboy

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Crowman & Wolfboy are an unlikely pair of shadow creatures on a bizarre journey to escape their own nature and find the mysterious “humans”. Help them flee the planet of shadows and the life-devouring Darkness following their every step. Will the path to “humans” lead Crowman & Wolfboy to happiness? Will they ever escape the persistent Darkness? Could a real life crow lift a real life wolf over pits of mutant garbage cans? …What?!

“Crowman & Wolfboy” is a 2D Action/Adventure platformer, featuring a dark, metaphysical storyline and a haunting sountrack. The game contains over 30 levels filled with hidden paths, collectibles, and bonus cutscenes. “Crowman & Wolfboy” was developed by Wither Studios, LLC, an independent game studio based out of Pittsburgh, PA.


“Crowman & Wolfboy” was selected for the PAX East 2014 Indie Showcase.


“The perfect union of a platformer and an endless runner” – IGN Italy (8.5/10)

“I really can’t get enough of this game” – Capsule Computers (10/10)

“Haunting, atmospheric and highly playable” – God is a Geek (8/10)

“The controls are tight and responsive, and every error is going to be your fault.” – Touch Arcade (4/5)

“Endless hours of enjoyment” – 148Apps (4.5/5)



  • Creative Director: Steve Gabry
  • Lead Programmer: Brian Turner
  • Programmer: Mike Thomas
  • UI & Sound Design: Doyle Daigle II
  • Technical Artist: John Cobb
  • Animator: CJ Kuehn


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