Cupcake Carnage by Eric Woller of Vicious Collectibles

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Cupcake Carnage featuring zombie cupcakes, are gnarly little biters who walk the planet leaving a bloody path of mayhem in their wake. Each piece sits atop a wooden base, hand sculpted and painted. Standing approximately 3 ¾ inches in height, these life sized zombie cupcakes are created with a foam center core and hand sculpted using rolled fondant icing and painted with food coloring. Though these little biters are non-edible once hardened and sprayed with a protective sealant will last forever. Fondant rolled icing will become the consistency of porcelain once dried. Cupcake Carnage is expanding into a line of comic books based on the true story of our crazed baker’s quest for revenge.


  • Creator/Artist: Eric Woller
  • Editor/Writer: Patty Woller


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