Cupcake Quarterly Magazine Special Edition: Freaks & Geeks

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The Cupcake Quarterly Magazine Geek Editions feature gorgeous geeky pin-ups alongside fun features and articles about all things nerdy! This Special Edition is co-presented by, A Nerd’s Guide to Hollywood and contains celebrity interviews, tons of pin-up cosplay and a very special cupcake recipe! We have had many amazing models from the entertainment and geek industries for the Geek Editions, each posing in a classic cheesecake pose with a “geeky” twist. Promoting healthy body images and powerful, intelligent women who have their own businesses and amazingly creative projects, the Geek Edition proves that Beauty and Brains are not mutually exclusive!





  • Editor in Chief: Elisa Teague
  • Photographer and Interviewer Extraordinaire: Curt Sandvig
  • Photographer and Manager: Joe Teague


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