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Daemonium is a 5 Chapter Saga out of Argentina, created under a micro budget. We are trying our best to make Daemonium main stream–there’s a lot of talent behind this project. You can see the first 4 chapters on youtube under Daemonium, Saga chapter 5 will be out soon.

For many years, Argentina has produced certain types of cinema catering to only a few genres, such as Drama, Comedy, and Political Satire. This left very little options for the viewing public, leaving them wanting more! There was a change coming, new production companies specializing in new genre cinema such as Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy were coming out of the wood works. Bringing their own special blend of special effects and story telling which in turn made the path for up and coming directors from the Argentine Cinema.

These new visionaries in the Argentine movie buiz grew up idolizing and watching directors such as Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, John Carpenter, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Joe Dante and many many more…. Their soul objective is to produce and make movies with Hollywood standards while maintaining their roots… Innovators, Ambitious and Hungry they use new techniques and visual aides such as Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Anime and good old FX tricks to get their stories told! They are ready to make movie history!

DAEMONIUM is a result of all these production and special effects companies all rolled into one, with the sole purpose of giving the world a new brand of Horror, Science Fiction, and Action Adventure. This is a visual masterpiece a project that will open the doors to another relm another dimension and have you wanting more….

Simon Ratziel and RABBID FX are at the helm in the FX department and have made Special FX for movies such as ABALLAY , FASE 7 , THE LAST GATEWAY, PLAGA ZOMBIE REVOLUCION TOXICA, DEATH KNOWS YOUR NAME,they bring the creatures/ demons and look of the film to life!!

FARSA Producciones and Director Pablo Pares creators of 100% LUCHA: EL AMO DE LOS CLONES, PLAGA ZOMBIE TRILOGY, and FILMATRON give this movie its flare and direction!
Dany Casco and his exceptional STUDIO PATNA arrange all the amazing props, wardrobes and visual aspects for all the chacaters. Specialists in the arts of combate attire, steampunk/cyberunk, and anime Dany brings Daemonium the look it desires!

They have all gathered and combined together with an ensemble cast of great artists, actors, and the best technician’s in all the country.

They bring to you something fresh, new, exhilarating, powerfull! They bring to you a low budget product with the edge and feel of a big budget blockbuster!

Enter the World of Daemonium!



  • Director: Pablo J Pares
  • Creator: Simon Ratziel
  • Creator: Dany Casco
  • Daemonium Team


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