Daisy Viktoria

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Daisy Viktoria creates Fantasy Couture gowns, corsets, and accessories suited for the most magical fairytales. Daisy’s mom taught her to sew as a child. Having grown up in a family of historical reenactors, Daisy is self taught in fashion history and tailoring techniques used throughout the ages. Daisy’s formal education is in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and she holds a Master’s degree in this field. Her firm grasp on mathematics and engineering has influenced the way she designs and builds patterns and structures for garments.

Daisy’s signature look is characterized by immaculate corsetry and attention to structure and tailoring throughout an ensemble, as well as tasteful combinations of fabrics, textures, and embellishments. A Daisy Viktoria gown transforms its wearer and makes her feel as though she is in a magical realm. Daisy has also worked with male clients and creates garments for magical princes as well as princesses.

Daisy creates custom gowns for many occasions. Since completing her education and focusing her efforts on her fashion business, Daisy has worked with many clients and created garments for a vast number of events including weddings, masquerade balls, red carpets, dance performances, photo shoots, film projects, conventions, historical reenactments and festivals, and magazine editorials.

In addition to her custom gowns, Daisy creates ready to wear pieces and accessories that can add that subtle hint of magic to any outfit.



  • Creator / Designer / Photographer: Daisy Viktoria
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