Deadman’s Land


The screenplay of ‘Deadman’s Land’ was a 2013 quarter finalist in the Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Competition and has now also become Barry’s first graphic novel.

“A squad of battle-hardened US paratroopers find themselves in mortal combat against a pack of genetically-altered Nazi Werewolves, with the outcome of the Second World War hanging in the balance,” he said.

A passion for all things lycanthropic and an overwhelming desire to bring something fresh to the genre led to the writing of the ‘Deadman’s Land’ screenplay. The need to have the story reach the reading audience led to the creation of the graphic novel.

Adapted by Steve Stern of Storyboard Graphic Novels with artwork by Tyler Sowles, the full-colour, 108 page graphic novel is now available as a digital download at Kindle store.



  • Writer: Barry Duffield
  • Adaptation: Steve Stern
  • Artist: Tyler Sowles


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