Derailed is a multi-platform game in which you play through the daily commute of a young woman with social anxiety, trying to make it home safely. As the days go by, players will uncover more about the source of her anxiety, and help her learn new ways to cope with it.

Derailed was created to raise awareness about both social anxiety and abuse, and help players understand a bit more of what it is like to live with certain types of anxiety. All of our design choices were made with this in mind, and intended to help make this experience more authentic. Later parts of the game (still in development) will take players through a more abstract experience of anxiety and give them tools to deal with it, which in turn will slowly make the daily commute more manageable.


  • Creative Lead, Programmer, Designer, Writer: Josh Samuels
  • Creative Lead, Lead Writer, Designer: Olivia Pourzia
  • Writer: Annamarie Sucher
  • 3D Artist: Alan Lau
  • 3D Environment & UI Artist: Nabi Hamdi Mortan
  • 2D Artist: Elena Mailander
  • Sound Designer: Drew Becker


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