Destroy the Alpha Gammas

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Revenge of the Nerds meets Glee: Destroy the Alpha Gammas is a bitchy pop musical about two sororities at war. With over 18 awards under it’s belt including 2 International Academy of Web TV awards and a Webby Honoree, DAG follows the not-so-cool Delta Pi’s as they vow to take down the man-stealing polo shirt-wearing Alpha Gamma snobs that have terrorized them for years.



  • Creator/Writer/Star: Leah McKendrick
  • Director/Producer: Scott Brown
  • Executive Producer/Actress: Anna Roberts
  • Executive Producer: Shintaro Shimosawa
  • Producer: Matt Riotto
  • Producer: Brigida Santos
  • Producer: Aerienne Booker
  • Producer: Brittani Noel
  • Cinematographer: Boa Simon
  • Editor: Phil Bucci
  • Production Designer: Nicole Vardi
  • Original Song Arrangement & Score: Giona Ostinelli


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