Dinosaurs in Pakistan


Dinosaurs in Pakistan is a surreal science fiction romantic stoner period horror spaghetti screwball cybernoir dinopunk coming-of-age dramedy story for iOS devices, told in the eternal style of text-based adventure Select-Your-Own-Journey narratives. It’s a fully-voiced novel that YOU control! Explore the world of the future! Meet all manner of strange creature! Acquire bizarre weaponry! Accidentally cause a friend’s death! Save the day! It’s the story of a boy in a dinosaur’s world. I think that’s something we can all connect with.


  • Creator, Writer: Brian Rainosek
  • Director, Head Writer, Editor: David Bernard Houck
  • Writer, Programmer: Michael Webbon
  • Lead Programmer: Jake Hoffman
  • Voice Talent: Sam Bennighof
  • Audio Technician: Shawn Johnson
  • Music: Harrison Lemke (Brother Android)
  • Promotional Art: Rachel Butcher


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