Dissonance is a puzzle adventure game where players must navigate two 2D characters, Li and An, through their respective spaces. When they intersect, they merge into Lian, a 3D character who has special powers. Help Lian solve puzzles in intriguing levels that combine 2D and 3D elements.

Dissonance explores the relationship between three selves. The core mechanics actualize the principle of cognitive dissonance, hence the project’s title.

Dissonance uses the idea of how 2D space and 3D space affect each other to implement the abstract concept about three selves. Players use control two 2D characters to move the 3D character, which can change the 2D world by rotating objects in 3D world.


  • Zi Li
  • Yuting Su
  • Steve Cha
  • George Li
  • Julian Ceipek
  • Christoph Rosenthal
  • Yoojin Seol
  • Cynthia Cantrell
  • Ning Chen
  • Min He
  • Yuchen Yang


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