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The urge to create something with my hands, I guess I have got it from my father. He is a sculpture artist and teached art, always busy in his studio creating daily situations in ceramic. It worked to my advantage the easy access to different materials,I remember always taking ( and destroying ) his working tools. During my study in Holland ,I was already busy selling costumes to friends as well as to shops, this was my main focus.The upcome of the acid/house dance scene started back then. At art school I thought I knew better than the teachers themselves so I dropped out soon, this was in Barcelona 22 years ago. This is the city I actually live and work now, together with my Spanish wife and my 3 kids.

Divamp Couture is my brand name and is what I really like to make and where I truly can put all my efforts love, devotion and creativeness.This is what I really enjoy most…..hope you do as well.

~ Boyd



Boyd Baten ( ME )


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