Doctor Geek’s Laboratory Episode 8

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Doctor Geek’s Laboratory is a full cast science fiction audio drama dedicated to STEM outreach. Through enthusiasm, passion, and humor, we hope to bring our audience closer to the scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, tinkerers, and others who are attempting to bring about the world of tomorrow. Together we will help the future along … give it a push where it’s needed.

In episode 8 the investigation into Our Companion the Robot continues. Meet Albin Johnson founder of The 501st Legion and owner of R2KT. Meanwhile Mr. Creature explores the future for robots at that most wretched hive of scum and villainy, The Cobalt Parrots Cantina


  • Writer: Dr. Scott Viguie
  • Director: Debbie Viguie
  • Sound Design: Chris Harrington
  • Actor: Dr. Scott Viguie
  • Actor: Chris Harrington
  • Actor: Calliope Collacott
  • Actor: Phil Harrington
  • Actor: Jason De La Torre
  • Actor: Rita De La Torre


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