Drinker’s Hell

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Drinker’s Hell is a simple drinking game using dice, cards and a richly colored if not ridiculously difficult board to bring together a group of friends for a night of drinking debauchery.

The original game was created over twenty years ago when my own circle of friends, who knew I could draw, wanted me to come up with a more interesting drinking game than was was available at the time. After a few different versions created with markers on cardboard, Drinker’s Hell became the quintessential drinking game for my friends and neighbors during my twenties.

Players start at the center of the board and spiral their way out the levels of hell until they escape at the top, where most people simply pass out. Along the way players are subject to many pitfalls that make themselves or other players drink. The game has a high level of difficulty for completion. The more people who play, the harder it is to escape. In the twenty plus years I have “play tested” the game, only two people have ever made it to the end. Most preferring to find a nice couch to sleep it off.

It is a fast-paced and incredibly fun game to play but not for the faint of heart if you are not used to drinking games.



Creator, designer, artist: Eric Clements


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