Drop Bears: Attack of the Killer Koalas

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We’ve had films about sharks, birds, fish, dinosaurs, spiders, snakes, sheep, rats… And many more. So what’s missing from this enormous list of comedy/horror animals? KILLER KOALAS, or Drop Bears as we call them in Australia – the cuddly koala’s carnivorous cousin!

We made this short film as a promotion tool for our feature film of the same name – DROP BEARS: Attack! of the Killer Koalas, which is a comedy/action/horror feature length movie (90 mins) from Writer/Director Stephen Banham and Producer Peta Astbury (The Marriage of Figaro, 2009). Here comes the short synopsis:

A group of young backpackers go camping in the wild Australian outback. However, our hapless travellers have inadvertently wandered into the habitat of the DROP BEAR – a rare and ferocious cousin to the well-known cuddly koala. Now they must fight or become the creatures’ next meal. But can they all survive the night?

Sounds very cool, right? Well if you answered “yes” you must have great taste! Bravo!

Stephen has not been developing this movie in his bedroom (not that there is anything wrong with that – lots of great films we love have). No, this script has been through a very exhaustive development process. It was developed with the financial assistance of the South Australian Film Corporation with script/story advisors and editors including – Stephen Cleary, Chryssy Tintner and Australian comedy legend Tim Ferguson. So with all this love and attention towards it, you’ve got to know that by now we’ve got a cracking story that’s screaming to be told!

Every view, share and acknowledgement of the film, brings us closer to being able to bring you the feature film – so thank you for your support!



  • Writer/Director: Stephen Banham
  • Producer: Peta Astbury
  • The American: Alyssa Mason
  • The Brit: Lucy Lehmann
  • The Ranger: Brendan Rock
  • Director of Photography: Liam Sommerville
  • Hair, Make-up & Special Effects Design: Rebecca Burrato
  • Title Design: Dom Sargent
  • Sound Design: Eddie Bye
  • Music By: Will Spartalis


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