Eclectic Goods: Fan Art For Your Feet

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Greetings from Eclectic Goods! We are Jack and Nicole Robinson and together we hand paint shoes to create Fan Art For Your Feet. This all began when Nicole saw a pair of Zombie shoes on Etsy but despite her desire to buy them they were too expensive. So what did we do? We made her a pair ourselves! After a few friends wanted their own pairs, we decided to give it a real shot and opened our own Etsy shop. With Jack’s art school experience and Nicole’s geek culture knowledge, together we created several designs inspired by video games, horror movies, popular TV shows, and of course, zombies. After being open for just a few short weeks, we were invited to Wizard World Comic Con in Richmond, VA to participate as vendors. At our very first event, we realized how much of a demand was present for such a niche product and had more orders than we could ever expect! We even made Ghostbuster shoes for Ernie Hudson and Comic Book Men Shoes for Ming Chen, which, by the way, has been one our favorite experiences thus far. Our Etsy shop began to get orders daily and things have been great! Since opening, we have created more than 50 designs on Airwalks, Converse, and Vans. We have since moved on from Etsy to our own website and every day we are hard at work creating some killer kicks. So, if you have ever wished you could show off some awesome art to your friends but were to scared to take it out of the house, well Eclectic Goods is here to help you out by making you some Fan Art For Your Feet! Stop by our website, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, and Twitter Pages to see what crazy creations we have come up with!


  • Designer / Painter: Jack Robinson
  • Designe / Painter: Nicole Robinson


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