Educating [Geeks] Season 1 Episode 14: Game of Thrones


Educating [Geeks]
The podcast where friends help friends discover new passions

On each episode of Educating [Geeks], one of our hosts or a special guest will be on the program to receive an “education” on some aspect of geek culture they’ve never had a chance to experience. Will it become our host’s new favorite thing? Or will it just not be their cup of Earl Gray (hot) tea?

For the Game of Thrones episode, geek host Cassie learned about hair styles and private parts; Bri delved into why she hates Daenerys stormborn and everyone declares “YOU DON”T EVEN KNOW”.

At the end of every Educating [Geeks] postcast, the geek hosts come up with Drinking Game Rules. We think the ones for Game of Thrones are pretty deadly. Play responsibly.



  • Megan Calcote, Executive Producer & Geek Host
  • Alice Baker, Executive Producer & Geek Host
  • Bri Valdivia, Associate Producer & Geek Host
  • Andrea Coffman, Associate Producer & Geek Host
  • Cassandra Nicholson, Geek Host
  • Sara Santiago, Geek Host


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