Empire of the Wolf


Werewolves in Ancient Rome!

During a vicious battle with the wolf-king Caradog, two Roman centurions fall victim to the werewolf’s bite. Now, as werewolves, Lucius and Canisius are cursed to relive the legendary feud between the wolf-brothers Romulus and Remus. As their hostility grows, a war erupts that will not only decide the fate of the Roman Empire, but also threatens to claim the life of the woman they both love.

The graphic novel compilation of the four issue series was created and written by Michael Kogge, with art by Dan Parsons (Game of Thrones and over 100 Star Wars comics) and David Rabbitte (Star Wars Insider), coloring by both Chris Summers (Spartacus: Blood & Sand) and David Rabbitte, lettering by Marshall Dillion (Street FighterGame of Thrones, and Green Hornet), and the cover painting by renown fantasy illustrator Doug Beekman (Wizard’s First Rule).

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“Writer/creator Michael Kogge and artist Dan Parsons have mingled fantasy and history in a way that would do Robert E. Howard proud!” –Roy Thomas, Conan the Barbarian comics

Empire of the Wolf is an amazing comic . . . a wonderful piece of historical fiction with some rather brilliant art.”–Mathias Lewis, SpeakGeekyToMe.com

“Michael Kogge has a great facility with words and a wild unfettered imagination.”
Tom Veitch, Star Wars: Dark Empire and The Light and Darkness War

“I don’t know if Kogge has any plans for a sequel, but if he does . . . sign me up.”
Darren Casey, ZacharyMule.com

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  • Writer: Michael Kogge
  • Pencils (issues 1 & 2): Dan Parsons
  • Pencils (issues 3 & 4): David Rabbitte
  • Colors (issues 2 & 3): Chris Summers
  • Colors (issues 1 & 4): David Rabbitte
  • Letters: Marshall Dillon
  • Cover (graphic novel): Doug Beekman


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