Fairy Tale Therapy


There are some things true love’s kiss can’t fix. For everything else, there’s therapy.

Fairy tale characters from Grimm to Anderson to Perrault and beyond drop by for some harsh truths. Fabled guests include a witch who wants to shed her wicked rep, a charming prince whose charm is waning, a gullible little mermaid, and a little girl with golden lochs who can’t seem to stop stealing.

Cast includes Casey Ross (Doctor), Lena Thomas (The Little Mermaid), Gabe Hohreiter (Prince Charming), Haley Mancini (Goldilocks), Jeff DeCrosta, Jr. (The Genie), Brianna McClellan (The Queen of Hearts), Nick Celentano (Jack the Giant Killer), Blake Hogue (Rumpelstiltskin), and Gina Ippolito (The Witch).


  • Director, Exec.Producer, Editor: Ryan Anthony Martin
  • Writer, Exec.Producer: Nick Celentano
  • Director of Photography: Cooper James


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