FanBrosShow Podcast – “Ghostbusters & Strippers”

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In typical FanBrosShow fashion the FanBros dive head first into the controversies that affect the world of geek culture. We give our take on if DC Comics can handle a series about a gay character, our hate/hate (not a typo) relationship with Gotham, and whether the Apple Watch is worth your time. We also try to understand why Sony saw it fit to create a Ghostbusters “universe”. Tatiana goes on an epic rant about Gamergate, DJ Benhameen walks us through “Comics I Copped” and Chico Leo shares another esoteric “Movie Pick of the Week”–listen to the madness ensue on the “Ghostbusters & Strippers” episode of FanBrosShow!


  • Host: DJ Benhameen
  • Host: Tatiana King-Jones
  • Host: Chico Leo
  • Show Writer: Ty Worley
  • Producer: Kimson Albert


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