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A Google Search in .24 seconds for Fireball Tim result in over 2 million hits, ranging from Automotive Enthusiast Pop Culture to Sci-Fi & Hollywood Action Films.

Son of famed Sci-Fi Writer, Anthony Lawrence (The Outer Limits, Twilight Zone), Fireball grew up on Sci-Fi, Conventions, Cosplay, Cars (His wife builds all the Nintendo Characters, Ellen DeGeneres and hundreds more @, but Fireball’s geek rise as a wacky Social Media Icon, Host & Automotive Conceptualist for film and television projects has skyrocketed to extreme proportions, having become the Big Daddy Roth for the 21st Century. Officially dubbed by AutoWeek Magazine as “The Wildman of Transportation.”

This unique and funny Automotive TV Host, Hollywood Movie Car Designer and Children’s Book Author is Founder of the Automotive Hollywood Lifestyle Brand Fireball Tim Worldwide. His blogs, hilarious original series and web-episodes have created internet prowess among audiences in excess of millions across the globe, especially in Europe and Australia. His past TV projects with Speed Channel, TLC, Discovery and The Auto Channel (Soon on KDOC-LA56) have exceeded 1 billion viewers.

Fireball was educated at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design where he created unique concept vehicles and futuristic environments that spawned a shift in the creative flow of education. He inspired the Art Center Entertainment Design Division and went on to create show vehicles for DISNEY IMAGINEERING, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and over 400 MOVIE and TV PROJECTS envisioning designs for what is now American Automotive Pop Culture. His designs have graced films like AVENGERS, PREIST, KNIGHT RIDER, BATMAN, SON OF THE MASK, PITCH BLACK, JURASSIC PARK, X-MEN, and GONE IN 60 SECONDS. Designs have also gone to celebrities like Ben Affleck and he has movie car inspired toys coming out for Christmas 2014.

Fireball (His Legal Name) was the All Star Designer for Discovery Channel’s hit series MONSTER GARAGE with Jesse James as well as the Design Award Winner for the 650hp POLICE MINI PURSUIT Car for Speed Channel’s STREET TUNER CHALLENGE. His stints include Discovery HD’s WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE RIDES and EXTREME RIDES as well. This unique series of projects has established Fireball as the leader in film design and Hollywood’s most sought after design expert and host.

Fireball’s current show is 5MINUTE DRIVE where he takes celebrities for drives in cool cars. The show airs on The Auto Channel to 5.6M viewers as well as online everywhere. Fireball writes and does comics for many periodicals, piping original automotive content, humor and web series to millions. His Advertainments are supported by GM, PORSCHE, JAGUAR, HONDA, KIA, HYUNDAI and many others. February 2014 will be the launch of his new CHILDREN’S BOOK “Fireball Tim’s THE BIG BOOK OF WACKY STATES,” following his successful first book, “WACKY RIDES,” which is available on Amazon. If there ever was an ultimate geek, Fireball’s it.

*All Fireball projects benefit The National Mill Dog Rescue.



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